Advanced Digital Attribution and Measurement in Higher Education Digital Marketing

As value, convenience, and information have democratized the education landscape, effective digital advertising operations have never been more important for colleges and universities of all sizes to maintain student population growth. 

In our review of hundreds of college marketing stacks, the common theme of institutions struggling to find the right balance between reaching their target audience and avoiding wasted ad spend. In this post, we will explore the solution to these challenges that we have implemented on behalf of our clients: advanced attribution and measurement tools.

The Problem

  • Uncertainty on true cost per lead/application metrics
  • Uncertainty of where quality leads and applications are coming from 
  • Ineffective ad spends on platforms that offer no visibility to conversion success
  • Incorrect targeting: Traditional advertising methods like broad demographics or location-based targeting can result in reaching a large audience that may not be interested in the program being advertised.

The Solution

  • Advanced Cookiless Attribution: Advanced attribution provides a more nuanced understanding of the customer journey, giving insight into the various touchpoints that led to a conversion.
    • Follow the customer journey from the top of the funnel to conversion by implementing the right data tools so we can understand the true “path of travel” from the first engagement to the submitted application.
  • Cross Platform Attribution + Data Visualization: Measurement tools give higher education institutions the ability to track and analyze their advertising efforts in real-time, allowing for quick adjustment and optimization of their campaigns. With detailed data on audience behavior and conversion metrics, institutions can make informed decisions about how to allocate their ad budget for maximum impact.
  • Lead Scoring from media: How many of the leads that were generated from a digital campaign actually became applicants? What did you pay for those leads? Where did they come from?
    • All of the content above this point supports your understanding of the answer to these questions unequivocally.


By utilizing advanced attribution and measurement tools, higher education institutions can eliminate wasted ad spend and achieve better results in their digital advertising operations. The result: highly-targeted leads and increased applications, all at an affordable cost.

Ready to boost your higher education digital advertising efforts? Contact us to learn more about how advanced attribution and measurement can help you reach your goals. 

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