Case Studies

Learn more about Umbrella Digital through our most successful work

Credit Union Case Study

Transforming Regional Credit Unions Customer Acquisition with People-Based Digital Marketing

Enabling Granular Insights for Multi-Touch Attribution

Women Owned Media Leverages Nomad Analytics

Enabling Granular Insights for Multi-Touch Attribution

Increasing Lead Generation & program-specific application volume for large CT University

Leveraging UDMs Slate integration, the college was able to understand economics and lifecycle for online lead generation at the program level

Obtaining Qualified Leads and Applications for PA-based University‚Äč

UDM’s use of data to inform media decisions helps increase volume and lower cost in an uber competitive educational market

Marist EDU Undergraduates Campaign

Tracking engagement from initial contact to completed applications

Marist EDU Graduates Campaign

Increasing specialty program enrollment in a hyper-competitive market

Angel City Football Club

Driving Season Ticket Sales & Event Promotion with a 7x ROAS for Angel City Football Club

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