Course Specific RFI Forms: A Must in Enrollment Digital Marketing

When colleges and universities leverage digital media to generate new enrollment, it’s essential to ensure the ads, regardless of channel, lead to a page that will interest that particular prospective student for that specific program. Generic homepages or landing pages might not have the relevant information that students need to decide, leaving the cost and opportunity to convert a new prospective student on the table. 

RFI pages, when done right, can show off what is unique about a specific program or school with overview and lifestyle content about the university and its students. By making course-specific landing pages, the efficiency of web engagement increases, and so does every dollar invested into student acquisition. 

Ad quality and how popular platforms like Google view your ad content is also impacted by the relevance of your landing page content. When the ad and the landing page have the same information, platforms rank your ad creative more favorably, helping reduce engagement costs and where your ads show when reaching your target audience. All of this goes back to more efficient ad dollars, cheaper engagement, and higher conversion rates all by having relevant, program-specific landing or RFI pages. 

If you want to increase your digital enrollment success, ensure you are working with a partner who understands the importance of program-specific campaign relevance. By aligning your audience, ad, and landing page content, schools can save money and find more students for each program. 

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