Transforming Regional Credit Unions Customer Acquisition with People-Based Digital Marketing

Enabling Granular Insights for Multi-Touch Attribution

Credit Union Case Study

Our Client Challenge:

Regional Credit Unions, like most businesses, have been facing the challenge of reaching their target audience effectively and measuring the ROI of their advertising efforts across various financial products such as automotive loans, checking accounts, deposit accounts, mortgages, HELOC, CDs, and Money market accounts.

Traditional marketing channels like outdoor ads and terrestrial radio were failing to provide the desired granular results, and they needed a way to leverage digital channels for precise targeting and most importantly,  measurable results.

Solution: Umbrella Digital’s People-Based Approach

Scope: Umbrella Digital took on the challenge by creating detailed persona types for each financial product offered by the Credit Unions. This involved thorough research and data analysis to understand the unique characteristics and preferences of potential customers.
Mission: Umbrella Digital deployed a comprehensive strategy that included both online and retail attribution measures to establish an objective correlation between ad engagement and sales events. 
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were identified, measuring everything from: 
  • Form fills on the website 
  • Measurable calls to the sales team
  • Tracked visits that resulted in sit-downs with a brand associate.
Success: The collaboration with Umbrella Digital yielded quantifiable and scalable results. This people based approach allowed for more relevant conversations with their audience and transformed their entire approach to marketing and measurement. 
The focus was reshifted for the modern digital age by emphasizing reaching the right people, on the right screen with the right product message online. Objective results allowed management to confidently bolster investments into digital marketing while scaling results in each regional market the credit union operates in. 

Metrics that Matter

Umbrella Digital’s approach was built around optimizing key metrics:
  • Cost Per Lead: By identifying and targeting the right personas, the cost per lead was significantly reduced as marketing efforts became more efficient and effective.
  • Cost Per Call: Measurable calls to the sales team were maximized through precise targeting, ensuring that each call was a valuable opportunity.
  • Cost Per Visit (with Associate): Tracking visits that resulted in sit-downs with brand associates provided insights into the effectiveness of online marketing in driving in-person interactions.
  • Cost Per Account Opened: Ultimately, the success of the campaign was measured by the cost per account opened, reflecting the bottom-line impact on the credit unions’ business.


The partnership with Umbrella Digital led to:
  • Increased member acquisition through highly targeted campaigns.
  • Significant reduction in marketing costs per lead, call, visit, and account opened.
  • A more data-driven and dynamic approach to marketing, adapting to changing consumer behavior.
  • Enhanced understanding of the value of online channels in the financial industry.

About Umbrella Digital

Umbrella Digital is a technology-obsessed digital marketing strategy, execution, and attribution firm. We help our partners acquire customers online using innovative measurement strategies built for a privacy-focused world. Umbrella Digital is a Google Premier Partner, Meta Business Partner, along with being SOC Type II compliant.
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