Marist partners with Umbrella to Improve Graduate Lead Cost​

Increasing program-specific leads & applications in a hyper-competitive EDU market

Channels Deployed

About the Project

Umbrella Digital did an audit of previous digital tactics to see what could be improved and how to expand Marist’s digital reach. From there, UDM presented a refined media plan with creative and audience strategy recommendations across paid search, social and programmatic media to lower CPL across all graduate programs by 52%.

Path of Travel

Umbrella Digital uses data as a backbone to validate all media placement decisions. Using our unified reporting, UDM was able to attribute media cost and CPL for a user’s complete journey across devices and formats. A simple finding of including date-sensitive ad copy to all grad program campaigns helped increase conversion rates by 10%.​

Do you know how different media channels impact your lead and application process?

Better insight into true consumer frequency on the path to conversion allows for smarter deployment of media dollars across channels. UDM helps you spend money where it performs.

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