Marist works with Umbrella to drive qualified leads for Undergraduate programs

The undergrad marketing budget was repaid from deposits from attributed applicants

Umbrella’s Salesforce Integration Enables Program Level ROI Analysis

Beyond creative and media placement, the executive board wants to know that every dollar invested in digital marketing can be tied back to a lead and then an application.

Using Umbrella’s “People Based” marketing approach – we are able to show Marists leadership and budgeting teams:

  • Performance by Channel
  • How channels performed together on the path to conversion
  • How many leads were generated and the influence of each channel on each lead
  • How many leads become applicants
  • How many applicants become paying members
  • Total revenue from completed applications and tuition payments


Small Changes Make Big Differences

When dealing with a large investment and large data sets, minor changes in data can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Incremental shifts of 10-30% in the performance of each ad unit or ad channel can massively impact the profitability of qualified applicants.

Umbrella Helped Marist understand slight nuance in copy and imagery across creative for google, social and programmatic display so that media budget only went where it was outperforming the benchmarks established by Marists executive leadership.

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Turning Data Into Action

By having the full lifecycle connection of media and conversion data through connectivity with Marists Salesforce backend, UDM is able to associate completed applications with their true path of travel from the top of the funnel to the bottom.

  • Using insights, we can refine media planning for each program
  • Create lookalike audiences within each associated successful platform – ensuring we are marketing to folks who most closely resemble your pending new students
  • Eliminate wasteful spending on digital media that doesn’t impact Marist College’s key KPIs

Improving Marist College’s Applicant Pool

UDM helped lower Cost per lead metrics 20% below the target benchmarks by eliminating wasteful spend and improving in-channel performance for successful platforms.

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