Your RFI Pages Are Probably Hurting Enrollment And Data Capture

Why Should College Enrollment and Marketing Leadership Reconsider their Digital Enrollment Strategy?

The digital landscape continues to change how students research and choose their future educational institutions. Consequently, college admissions, marketing, and enrollment are in a state of continual evolution. Institutions that have embraced these changes will thrive; those that don’t struggle to keep pace with their digitally forward competitors. 

One of the crucial elements of a successful digital enrollment strategy is a well-structured Request for Information (RFI) page. Let’s explore why it’s so vital and how Umbrella Digital can help reshape your approach.

The Power of the RFI Page

At its core, an RFI page serves two main functions: it provides prospective students with the information they need and allows the institution to gather information about these potential applicants.

A high-quality RFI page is more than just a form; it’s an opportunity to engage with potential students, answer their questions, and build a relationship with them. Here’s why it’s crucial:

  1. Lead Generation: When a potential applicant fills out an RFI form, they’re expressing a strong interest in your institution. This makes them a valuable lead for your admissions team to follow up on.
  2. Data Gathering: The information collected through the RFI form helps you understand the interests, needs, and demographics of your prospective students. This data can inform strategic decisions about recruitment, program offerings, and marketing campaigns. The trick is getting enough data without asking for too much data! 
  3. Brand Engagement: An effective RFI page offers prospective students their first real engagement with your institution’s brand. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your institution’s values, culture, and benefits, creating a positive and lasting impression.

Rethinking Your Strategy with Umbrella Digital

Creating a compelling, effective RFI page can be a complex task with tracking and integration to your CRM. You need to be working with a partner who can quickly iterate impactful RFI pages without losing the ability for full-funnel attribution.

User Experience

We design RFI pages that are not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate and user-friendly. This encourages more visitors to complete the form, increasing lead generation.

  1. Data Analytics: We use sophisticated data analytics to track and analyze the behavior of users on your RFI page. This allows us to continually refine and optimize the page for better performance.
  2. Marketing Best Practices: Every institution is unique. We offer custom content and layout tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your RFI page reflects your institution’s brand, mission, and offerings effectively without sacrificing the mechanics of a quality landing page. 

In short, your agency partner needs to be able to quickly iterate on brand, high-performing pages at a low cost without needing an entire Web Dev agency. That’s where Umbrella Digital shines and helps our college and university partners create “custom” content at scale across all of the programs we service for our partners. 

  • Performance-Driven RFI and Lead Capture Pages Built by Umbrella
  • Full integration with your CRM
  • Form fill, scheduling, and click-to-call tracking all integrated into your systems

Integration with Marketing Strategy

We ensure that your RFI page is a seamless part of your overall digital marketing strategy and connected to your CRM so that data flow and lead nurturing are immediate and accurate. Whatever system you use, Umbrella configures our systems so that we can follow a digitally generated lead through the entire application lifecycle. 

The digital age has ushered in a new era for college enrollment and admissions, one in which the RFI page plays a pivotal role. High-quality RFI pages can be a game-changer, propelling your institution to new heights of student engagement and recruitment.
At Umbrella Digital, we understand the nuances of this landscape. We are here to help you navigate these changes and emerge as a leader in the digital enrollment arena. It’s time to rethink your strategy and harness the power of a top-notch RFI page.

Let’s start a conversation today about diagnosing and enhancing your digital enrollment strategy and operations. We’re a friendly, full-service agency helping over 20 colleges and universities slash digital marketing costs by over 50% and increase applications for their programs.

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