Digital Media Strategy, Execution, and Advanced Attribution Analytics

We help businesses plan and execute efficient and measurable paid media growth strategies while providing easy to understand multi-touch attribution analytics.

Reach Customers,
Measure Engagement

Whether you’re a local, regional or national advertiser we are experts in strategizing, executing and measuring the impact of your digital marketing investment for your niche and market. 

Partner Case Studies

Women Owned Media Leverages Nomad Analytics

Enabling Granular Insights for Multi-Touch Attribution

Results and Service Through Technology Coupled with Expertise

Our process is designed to be streamlined, detailed, and efficient. Using technology in our planning, setup, and reporting process allows us to save time and offer more value while driving value for our clients. 

    • Media Planning – Build the right plan for your unique business quickly.
    • Workflow Management – Our order management and workflow automation tools make sure you are in the know every step of the process. 
    • Media Delivery – We deploy your brand across the appropriate mix of channels with buying experts in-house
    • Data Analytics – Our multi-touch attribution products help paint the full customer journey path, not just the last step before conversion. 

Campaign and Deal Management Technology

Intuitive and easy to use tools that make managing your campaign flow with Umbrella easy and transparent.



Umbrella works directly with your leadership team to align budgeting with exacting performance benchmarks. We help understand the complete breakdown and impact of every dollar spent.

Agency White Label Services

Infuse your business with our effective combination of media expertise and precise technology. Umbrella can seamlessly integrate our technology & expertise into all your digital campaigns with no annual commitments.

Workflow and Attribution

Our proprietary tech makes understanding the full scope and impact of your media investment easy. Simple workflows ensure even the most complicated campaigns are executed correctly.

Where is Your Audience?

Industry surveys revealed that almost 1 in 3 marketers say attribution is their top challenge.

Through privacy compliant user stitching, starting with understanding where and how a user first becomes an engaged prospect to the last media delivered prior to conversion. We help understand the real path of travel from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Brand engagement is a story that includes multiple devices, platforms, and content types. 

Umbrella helps tell that story simply without leaving out relevant nuanced detail. Do you know how your digital engagement works together?

Built to Connect

Umbrella understands brand engagement across platforms

Future-Proofed, Cookieless Cross Device Tracking

We’ve implemented the best solutions in privacy focused attribution to ensure tracking accuracy as online cookies become more antiquated 

When You Work With Umbrella: 

  • Full-service setup of all Identity Resolution related infrastructure
  • Measure online & in-person events spawned from online ad engagement
  • Future-Proofed protection from cookie-deprecation

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