Umbrella Increases Lead Generation & program-specific application volume for large CT University

Leveraging Umbrella's Slate EDU integration, the college was able to understand economics and lifecycle for online lead generation at the program level

Total Clicks






Channels Deployed

Micro Targeting Geographies across channels and content to lower CPL

In the hyper-competitive Northeast EDU market, there are many ways to spend money. Umbrella was tasked with increasing the effectiveness of every ad dollar by creating regionally targeted, program-specific media campaigns that could be tracked from initial impression view to page visit, to form fill to application.

Both Undergraduate and Graduate CPL and CPA were at or below the lower-end benchmark for the Universities’ budgeting plans for some programs arriving at less than 50% of the target CPL and CPA.

Connecting Marketing Data to Client Data with UDMs Integration

Umbrella Digital works directly with clients to connect to their technology back end. This type of integration provides full transparency into the path from ad engagement, form fill, and application into acceptance. 

Working in tandem with tools like Google Analytics, UDM goes further than other providers in connecting the online world to the physical world. Connecting Slate to UDMs media technology allows us to compliantly tie marketing data to real people in your applicant pool.

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